Diversity & Communities

Soitecs commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace

Soitec’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace dates back many years. We signed our first collective agreement on the employment of disabled workers in 2000. Agreements on gender equality in the workplace and the employment of older workers followed in 2007 and 2010.

When it comes to diversity, Soitec’s results speak for themselves. End of 2013 we employ around 30 disabled people at our Grenoble site; that’s 4.2% of our local workforce. The wage gap between men and women is 6% at Soitec; women account for 28% of our workforce and are represented in all areas of the business and. We have also set up targeted hiring and career advancement services for workers over 50.

We have also set up a number of procedures to facilitate the employment of disabled workers. From special workstations and job relocation assistance if a disabled worker can no longer perform his or her job duties through to company-financed training, Soitec is committed to hiring and keeping disabled workers. We also run regular in-house awareness-raising campaigns to make our employees aware of the special challenges faced by workers with disabilities. Finally, we outsource certain tasks to sheltered work centers and hire interns from these centers; two such internships have resulted in recruitments to date.

Gender equality is another top priority at Soitec. Measures like targeted loans and new rules governing pay raises to offset the effects of maternity and parental leave have narrowed the gender wage gap at our company by three percentage points. Our efforts will now turn to increasing the number of women in executive positions.