Latest brochures and reports

17 Sep. 2012Brochure environment 2012 (pdf)
French version

16 Apr. 2012Soitec FD-3D product brief (pdf)
When Fins are built on Soitec FD-3D wafers, the complexity of the CMOS FinFET process is significantly reduced. Soitec FD-3D wafers enable a simplified process flow in which Fin height and isolation are already built into the substrate. By simplifying your manufacturing process, you not only save time and money, but also increase manufacturability and overall performance.

24 Feb. 2012Soitec FD-2D product brief (pdf)
Our Soitec FD-2D products provide optimal uniformity for planar fully-depleted CMOS platforms. We can supply standard and customer-specific structures. We draw upon our proven manufacturing track record to fabricate our FD-2D product line to the highest standards in terms of quality, yields, and productivity.

20 Jul. 2011Brochure Environment 2011 (pdf)
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31 Mar. 2011Financial report 2010-2011 (pdf)
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