Soitec in the news

Oct. 15, 2015RF SOI: Revolutionizing RF System Design
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Sep. 17, 2015China Warms Up, Slowly, to FD-SOI
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Aug. 20, 2015Inside The 5G Smartphone
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Jul. 30, 2015Substrate innovation for extending Moore and more than Moore
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Jul. 23, 2015Thomas Skotnicki: FD-SOI 26 Years in the Making

Jul. 17, 2015GlobalFoundries 22nm FD-SOI: What Happens When

Jul. 16, 2015High Customer Interest in FD-SOI, GloFo Says
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Jul. 14, 2015First Fully Depleted 22nm SOI Wafers Come To Market
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Jul. 13, 2015GLOBALFOUNDRIES Launches Industrys First 22nm FD-SOI Technology Platform

 Moores Law Reset?

Jun. 30, 20158 FD-SOI Questions You're Afraid to Ask

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Mar. 24, 2015Benefits of FD-SOI for IoT, wearables and automotive explained by Samsung

Mar. 11, 2015IoT and RF to drive FD-SOI adoption
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Mar. 01, 2015Freescale, Cisco, Ciena Give Nod to FD-SOI
[EE Times]

Feb. 23, 2015Advantages and Opportunities when Designing with FD-SOI

Jan. 27, 2015New Soitec eSI90 RF-SOI wafer improves RF performance of high-end smart phone components
[SolidState Technology]