Soitec in the news

Dec. 08, 2014Invenergy Announces Close of Financing, Start of Operation Of Desert Green Solar Farm in California

Nov. 25, 2014Soitec, SK Innovation team up for semiconductor materials

Nov. 14, 2014Smart Microelectronics in Grenoble-Isère, France

 RF and MEMS Technologies to Enable the IoT
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Nov. 11, 2014Hami to be home to one of Asia’s largest CPV plants
[PV Insider]

Oct. 28, 2014Ways to cut the cost of CPV maintenance
[PV Insider]

Oct. 27, 2014Is China Interested in FD-SOI? You Bet.
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Oct. 23, 2014Soitec nails 150MW US CPV PPA

Oct. 22, 2014FD-SOI Front and Center at Very Successful SEMICON Europa
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Oct. 18, 2014Fighting back
[The Economist]

Oct. 14, 2014Soitec 1.29 MWp Portugal CPV plant “opens the way” for similar projects in Southern Europe
[PV Insider]

Jul. 09, 2014Down to 5nm: Scaling with the usual suspects – performance, cost
[Solid State Technology]

Jun. 04, 2014Concentrator photovoltaics tipping point?
[Solar Curator]

Jun. 02, 2014Soitec tweaks Touwsrivier financing

May. 29, 2014Soitec Partners in China to Produce SOI Wafers
[Electronics 360]

May. 26, 2014Soitec and Simgui partner to produce 200mm SOI wafers in China for RF and power semiconductor markets
[Semiconductor Today]

May. 19, 2014ST licenses 28nm FD-SOI to Samsung
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

 Extending the Life of 28nm
[Samsung Semiconductor Blog]

 FD-SOI is at “tipping point”, says Soitec
[Electronics Weekly]

 FDSOI: Is Cadence, Not Samsung, the Tipping Point?

 Companies scramble for position at established node, battling over price, performance and power
[Semiconductor Engineering]

Mar. 01, 2014Technology Selection Implications Intensify and Options are Limited

Feb. 01, 2014Wafer Bonding Creates Record-Breaking Four-Junction Cell
[Compound Semiconductor]

Jan. 28, 2014Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Family in North America
[Novus Light Today]

 Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Product Line for North American Market

 Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Product Family for North American Maket
[LED professional]

 Soitec Lighting unveils T8 LED tube product family for North American market that reduces energy costs by 60 percent or more
[Global LEDs/OLEDs]

 T8 LED tube family reduces energy costs by 60+ percent
[EETE LED Lighting]

Jan. 27, 2014Soitec Lighting unveils T8 LED tube family that reduces energy costs by 60+%
[LEDs Magazine]

 Soitec Lighting unveils T8 LED tube family that reduces energy costs by 60+%
[Illumination in Focus]