Soitec in the news

Nov. 14, 2014Smart Microelectronics in Grenoble-Isère, France

 RF and MEMS Technologies to Enable the IoT
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Nov. 11, 2014Hami to be home to one of Asia’s largest CPV plants
[PV Insider]

Oct. 28, 2014Ways to cut the cost of CPV maintenance
[PV Insider]

Oct. 27, 2014Is China Interested in FD-SOI? You Bet.
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Oct. 23, 2014Soitec nails 150MW US CPV PPA

Oct. 22, 2014FD-SOI Front and Center at Very Successful SEMICON Europa
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Oct. 18, 2014Fighting back
[The Economist]

Oct. 14, 2014Soitec 1.29 MWp Portugal CPV plant “opens the way” for similar projects in Southern Europe
[PV Insider]

Jul. 09, 2014Down to 5nm: Scaling with the usual suspects – performance, cost
[Solid State Technology]

Jun. 04, 2014Concentrator photovoltaics tipping point?
[Solar Curator]

Jun. 02, 2014Soitec tweaks Touwsrivier financing

May. 29, 2014Soitec Partners in China to Produce SOI Wafers
[Electronics 360]

May. 26, 2014Soitec and Simgui partner to produce 200mm SOI wafers in China for RF and power semiconductor markets
[Semiconductor Today]

May. 19, 2014ST licenses 28nm FD-SOI to Samsung
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

 Extending the Life of 28nm
[Samsung Semiconductor Blog]

 FD-SOI is at “tipping point”, says Soitec
[Electronics Weekly]

 FDSOI: Is Cadence, Not Samsung, the Tipping Point?

 Companies scramble for position at established node, battling over price, performance and power
[Semiconductor Engineering]

Mar. 01, 2014Technology Selection Implications Intensify and Options are Limited

Feb. 01, 2014Wafer Bonding Creates Record-Breaking Four-Junction Cell
[Compound Semiconductor]

Jan. 28, 2014Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Family in North America
[Novus Light Today]

 Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Product Line for North American Market

 Soitec Lighting Unveils T8 LED Tube Product Family for North American Maket
[LED professional]

 Soitec Lighting unveils T8 LED tube product family for North American market that reduces energy costs by 60 percent or more
[Global LEDs/OLEDs]

 T8 LED tube family reduces energy costs by 60+ percent
[EETE LED Lighting]

Jan. 27, 2014Soitec Lighting unveils T8 LED tube family that reduces energy costs by 60+%
[LEDs Magazine]

 Soitec Lighting unveils T8 LED tube family that reduces energy costs by 60+%
[Illumination in Focus]