Soitec in the news

Dec. 20, 2012Can Calif. panel maker prosper in dark times for U.S. industry?
[E&E Publishing]

 Soitec opens $150m San Diego factory to locally produce CPV modules
[Semiconductor Today]

Dec. 17, 2012Tunisia: French Soitec opens concentrating photovoltaic power station
[African Manager]

Dec. 04, 2012Low material methods and high efficiency to push CPV demand
[PV Insider]

Nov. 19, 2012Inauguration ceremony of the first CPV solar powered pump station in Tunisia : Soitec in TV news on Chaine Nationale 1 in Tunisia
[Chaine Nationale 1 Tunisie]

Nov. 13, 2012Smartphone demand pushes Soitec to expand bonded SoS wafer output
[Solid State Technology]

Nov. 08, 2012FD-SOI Perpetuates Moores Law
[Electronic Design]

 Soitec Ramps Up Production for Peregrine
[San Diego Business Journal]

Nov. 06, 2012Soitec Signs PPA for Planned 44MWp South Africa Solar Plant
[Solar Novus Today]

 Soitec signs power deal for 44MW CPV plant in South Africa

 Soitec signs PPA for 44-MWp South African CPV plant
[Utility Products Magazine]

 Soitec secures PPA for 44 MW CPV project in South Africa

 Soitec signs PPA in South Africa
[PV Insider]

 Developers get building as South Africa PPAs are signed

 Soitec: 44 MW CPV power plant in South Africa is taking shape
[Sun & Wind Energy]

 Soitec Signs PPA For Solar Project In South Africa
[Solar Industry Mag]

 Soitec increases bonded SOS wafer production to meet Peregrines demand
[Semiconductor Today]

 Soitec boosts bonded SOS wafer manufacturing for Peregrine
[Silicon Semiconductor]

Oct. 24, 2012Soitec completes largest concentrator photovoltaic solar power plant in Italy
[Saudi Projects Magazine, Issue 14]

Oct. 22, 2012Research in Arizona State University: how to maximize the efficiency of solar energy technology (15'30)
[Eight - Arizona State University]

Oct. 12, 2012Soitec, Shin-Etsu expand partnership
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

 German environmental award for concentrator photovoltaics
[Euroasia Industry]

 Soitec and Shin-Etsu Handotai up supply of SOI for finfets
[Electroncs Weekly]

 Soitec completes Italian delivery
[Solar International]

Oct. 11, 2012Soitec, SEH extend Smart Cut licensing deal to "silicon-on-anything"

 Cant you scale your transistor better with an engineered substrate?
(Chinese version)
[Solid State Technology China]

Oct. 10, 2012Soitec & Shin-Etsu Handotai Extend Smart Cut Licensing Agreement
[Silicon Semiconductor]

Oct. 03, 2012Fraunhofer ISE & Soitec awarded for solar energy technology
[Compound Semiconductor]

Oct. 02, 2012Altatech introduces AltaCVD Solarlab for deposition of PV materials
[Semiconductor Today]

Oct. 01, 2012Experts At The Table: IC Manufacturing Challenges 2
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

Sep. 20, 2012The Race to Fully Depleted Devices
[GSA Forum]

 Experts At The Table: IC Manufacturing Challenges
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 Cant you scale your transistor better with an engineered substrate?
(Chinese version)
[EETimes China]

Sep. 04, 2012PV production in Germany
[Solar Novus Today]

Aug. 15, 2012Inflection Points: video interview with Paul Boudre, Chief Operating Officer at Soitec
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

 Improving transistor scaling with an engineered substrate
[Embedded Computing Design]

Aug. 14, 2012CPV layoffs signify major crossroads for industry
[PV Insider]

Aug. 09, 2012Soitec wins big in Frances solar tender, readies for next round
[New Energy World Network]

Aug. 08, 2012Soitec benefits from French concentrated decision
[Solar International]

 CPV Leader Involved with Large Solar Projects in France
[Solar Power World]

Aug. 01, 2012Video interview of Andr-Jacques Auberton-Herv, CEO of Soitec, during the SEMICON West 2012 event
Interview starting at 2 minutes 36 seconds

Jul. 14, 2012Silicon On Insulator (SOI)

Jul. 13, 2012SOI Parity with CMOS Good News for IP Designers

Jul. 12, 2012SOI Becomes Essential At 20nm
[Low-Power Engineering]

Jul. 11, 2012Ecosystem emerges around new moble chip tech
[EE Times]

Jun. 19, 2012Soitec Gets $25M DOE Funding for CPV Solar Factory in San Diego
[Greentech Media]

 Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator devices
[EE Times]

Jun. 06, 2012A*STAR Institute Of Microelectronics Announces MEMS Consortium Phase II To Pave The Way For High Volume Manufacturing
[Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore]

Jun. 04, 2012DAC2012: Can FD-SOI shrink chips, solve FinFET issue for SoCs?
[Tech Design Forum]

May. 28, 2012Video interview of Steve Longoria, SVP of Worldwide Strategic Business Development: The role of FD-SOI in advanced semiconductor design and 3D stacks
[Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design]

Apr. 29, 2012IC Roadmap Remains in Flux Amid Scaling Challenges
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

Apr. 24, 201228 nm SOI Manufacturing Technology is Here to Stay, Soon Will Show 50% to 550% Improvements

Apr. 23, 2012Soitec Announces Fully Depleted Silicon - Can it Bring SOI Back into the Game?
[Bright Side Of News]

Apr. 21, 2012How mobility is stressing the chip industry

Apr. 18, 2012Soitec claims breakthrough for FinFET production

 Soitec Announces FD-2D and FD-3D Wafer Roadmap for Planar and FinFET Transistors

Apr. 17, 2012FD-SOI: A process booster for ST-Ericssons next generation NovaThor, Part 1
[ST-Ericsson Technology Blog]

 New Wafers For 3-D Transistors
[IEEE Spectrum]

 Soitec's fully depleted (FD) semiconductor product roadmap
[Solid State Technology]

Apr. 16, 2012Soitec Touts FD-2D and FD-3D on SOI Wafers
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 Soitec Announces New SOI Roadmap - Industry Uptake Remains Unclear

 Silicon-on-insulator at ST and IBM closing gap with Intel
[EE Times]

Mar. 28, 2012Berkeleys Hu Tips Industry Standard Model for finFETs
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

Mar. 14, 2012ST-Ericsson readies revamp, soon a takeover target

 ST-Ericsson Goes With Soitecs FD-SOI Technology
[Mobile Dev & Design]

Mar. 12, 2012ST, ST-Ericsson commit to SOI, says Soitec
[EE Times]

 ST-Ericsson Adopts FD-SOI for Mobile Products
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 ST-Ericsson adopts FDSOI from Soitec

 Soitec Announces FD Tech Uptake
[Euroasia Semiconductor]

Feb. 28, 2012ST-E Will Have FD-SOI Based U8540: 35% Lower Power, Much Higher Frequencies

Feb. 06, 2012Semiconductor industry workshop to address fully depleted SOI technology for mobile and consumer electronics
[SOI Industry Consortium]

Feb. 03, 2012Sunidarity, l'nergie solaire au service de la solidarite
Jocelyne Wasselin interview, VP Corporate Marketing (audio)
[France Info]

Feb. 02, 2012Solar Power Generation USA Announces Award Recipients
[Solar Novus Today]

 Engineering GaN Wafers
[EE Journal]

Feb. 01, 2012STMicro Applies SOI to AMOLED Power Supply IC
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design]

Jan. 26, 2012Soitec joins Sematech to develop 3D transistors, exotic substrates and metrology
[Electronics Weekly]

Jan. 25, 2012Soitec Joins Sematechs FEP, Metrology Programs
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

Jan. 24, 2012Soitec and Sumitomo fab 6in GaN wafers for LED lighting
[Electronics Weekly]

 Soitec, Sumitomo to Produce Engineered GaN Wafers
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

 Soitec and Sumitomo Electric jointly develop engineered GaN substrates
[CS Compound Semiconductor]

 Soitec, Sumitomo Electric scale GaN engineered wafers to 6″
[Solid State Technology]

 Soitec, Sumitomo offer 'smart-cut' GaN wafers

Jan. 11, 2012Dry Heat: Soitecs CPV technology opens new markets for solar energy
[NYSE Magazine]