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27 nov. 2014A Simple Explanation Of 'The Internet Of Things'

12 nov. 2014Grenoble reçoit le label "French Tech"
[France 3 Alpes]

24 oct. 2014L'énergie solaire apporte la lumière dans les foyers

07 oct. 2014The Nobel Prize in physics goes to three men who gave us blue light-emitting diodes, used daily in your smartphone screen
[The Washington Post]

01 oct. 2014SEMICON Europa heads to Grenoble

24 jun. 2014Is SOI Really Less Expensive?

11 jun. 2014IBM's New RF Technology Makes Phones Faster
[PC Magazine]

04 jun. 2014Synopsys, STMicroelectronics and Samsung Collaborate to Accelerate Adoption of 28-nm FD-SOI Technology for SoC Design

23 mai. 2014Are Semiconductor Fabs and EDA-IP Ready for FD-SOI?

20 mai. 201428nm FD-SOI: Samsung & ST's Major Opportunity
[EE Times]

19 mai. 2014Cadence Announces Availability of IP Solutions on 28nm FD-SOI Process
[PR Newswire]

 STM FD-SOI Manufacturing Double Source: Samsung

 Samsung Endorses FD-SOI!

 Samsung Licenses 28nm FDSOI Chip Process from ST

15 mai. 2014Samsung and STMicroelectronics Sign Strategic Agreement to Expand 28nm FD-SOI Technology

28 avr. 2014FD-SOI Better Than FinFET?

19 mar. 2014Handel Jones on FD-SOI vs FinFET

17 mar. 2014The Technology to Continue Moore’s Law…

06 mar. 2014Viewpoint: FD-SOI supports Moore's Law

11 fév. 2014If you still think that FDSOI is for low performance IC only…