Actualités industrie

13 jui. 2015GLOBALFOUNDRIES Enables Next Generation of Connected Devices with Industry-first Technology Platform

06 jui. 2015Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces First RF SOI 300 mm Technology Platform
[Semiconductor Online]

26 jun. 2015Finfet rival FD-SOI bigged up in European event
[Electronics Weekly]

23 jun. 2015IHS says Moore’s Law led to trillions of dollars added to global economy

21 jun. 2015Leti workshop covers major trends in FD-SOI technologies

18 jun. 2015Can FD-SOI Change the Rule of Game?

04 jun. 2015Sankalp Semiconductor Announces FD-SOI Services and IP Partnership With STMicroelectronics
[Design Reuse]

 Le pôle de compétitivité Minalogic prend de l’ampleur
[L'Usine Nouvelle]

03 jun. 2015Four charts that show the unstoppable rise of the smartphone

02 jun. 2015WSTS forecasts semiconductor market to keep steady growth until 2017

18 mai. 2015The Internet of Things: The next growth engine for the semiconductor industry

 FD-SOI the Synapse Way

15 mai. 2015How Internet Of Things Data Improves Product Development

06 mai. 2015What does "System on a Chip" refer to in the electronics sector?
[Investor Central]

04 mai. 2015New Mining Chip Developed by SFARDS Becomes Most Efficient Chip Produced
[Bitcoin magazine]

30 avr. 2015L’automobile devrait absorber 24% de la consommation européenne de semiconducteurs en 2015

 Les villes du monde entier investiront 58 milliards dans l'éclairage économe et intelligent en 2025
[Les Smart Grids]

29 avr. 2015Rénover l’éclairage public, le chantier de la décennie
[Les Echos]

21 avr. 2015Newest Leti compact model for FD-SOI further improves predictability and accuracy

 La loi de Moore fête ses 50 ans
[Industrie et Technologies]