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19 mar. 2014Handel Jones on FD-SOI vs FinFET

17 mar. 2014The Technology to Continue Moore’s Law…

06 mar. 2014Viewpoint: FD-SOI supports Moore's Law

11 fév. 2014If you still think that FDSOI is for low performance IC only…

15 jan. 2014Next Gen Graphics and Process Migration: 20 nm and Beyond
[PC Perspective]

06 jan. 2014FDSOI - A Manufacturers Perspective

18 déc. 2013Is FD-SOI Smarter than Moore?

19 jun. 2013STMicroelectronics Reveals New Technology Platform for RF Front End of Wireless Devices

24 mai. 2013Global FDSOI ecosystem rising
[EE Times]

25 avr. 2013Game-Changing Semiconductor Technology from STMicroelectronics Takes Prestigious ACE Award

18 avr. 2013Moving On Two Fronts
[Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design Community]

17 avr. 2013GLOBALFOUNDRIES: 2013 and Beyond
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19 mar. 2013DATE: FDSOI costs to match bulk by year end, says ST
[Tech Design Forum]

11 mar. 2013TowerJazz claims increasing share of front-end module market
[Semiconductor Today]

05 mar. 2013Can “Less than Moore” FDSOI provides better ROI for Mobile IC?

27 fév. 2013ST-Ericsson Demonstrates 2.5GHz Quad-Core System-on-Chip for Smartphones.
[X-bit labs]

26 fév. 2013Skyworks Ramps Antenna Tuning Solutions
[Business Wire]

 ST-Ericsson shows off 3.0GHz ARM A9 tablet

25 fév. 2013Peregrine unveils STeP8 UltraCMOS process for RF front-end ICs
[Peregrine Semiconductor]

21 fév. 2013ST runs cool 3GHz FD-SOI processors
[Electronics Weekly]